Katheleen Kelly-Sainte Marie

Senior Designer

Kathleen has always admired good design and loves to follow trends in fashion and interior décor. She came to the US from Canada and decided on a career in Interior Design. After finishing her path of study in Interior Design, she interned at Two’s Company and was offered a position there and went on to work with the company for 5 years. It was a great fit for her and she enjoyed her work on model home interiors. Kathleen took some time to raise her child and kept up on her design trends by freelancing in high-end residential interior design during her spare time. When she heard from Style Design Group, she took the chance to come back to work on model interiors. Kathleen loves design and enjoys creating interiors from a blank slate and seeing her vision come to life. In addition to design, Kathleen loves hiking, tennis, cooking, dogs, spending time with her son and husband and visiting her family in Canada.